February 28


Find Brutal Honesty About Who You Are And Who You Are Not

By ejspaulding

February 28, 2020

Find Brutal Honesty About Who You Are And Who You Are Not

When I was about 11 years old, I wanted to be a dentist. 

And I can tell you exactly why I wanted to be a dentist. 

It had nothing to do with being fascinated with teeth or interested in medicine. 

I didn’t even care about people calling me doctor or thinking that I was really smart. 

No, none of those things are why I wanted to be a dentist. 

My best friend in elementary school, both his parents were dentists, and they had the biggest (and one of the coolest) houses I had ever seen. 

They had a 2 story family room they built onto their house so they could have an enormous christmas tree. And that tree sat in front of a wall of windows from ceiling to floor. 

But they also cut holes in the upstairs walls for a model train to go through. I don’t know the sizes of model trains, but this one was about the size of a Tonka Truck. 

And that track on the second floor…

It extended to go around the top of the Christmas Tree in the 2 story family room. 

Yes! Suspended from the ceiling. 

It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. 

But that’s not it…

What I also knew was that my friend’s dad went out to lunch everyday and never worked on weekends. 

Also, he was constantly going on vacations and trips around the world. 

I thought a dentist had the greatest job in the world because they were rich and never really had to work. 

Fast forward to today and I realize - I wasn’t really that far off. 

Dentists do make a great deal of money and most of them really don’t work a lot compared to other professions. 

But I missed the point when I was young. I didn’t want to be a dentist, I wanted a certain type of lifestyle. 

One thing I realize about people is that most are very uncomfortable about admitting who they really are and what it is they really care about .

Even worse, most don’t get to do what they love to do. 

Think about this, are you one of the lucky few that get to wake up in the morning and do what it is you love doing everyday? 

I get it, you’re going to have bad days, but that's’ not what I’m talking about. 

What I have come to believe wholeheartedly is that most of you will downplay your lives until you feel like you get to a point where you are as successful as your 11 year old self things you should have been. 

But what about the rest of your life? 

Why don’t you allow yourself to live and why don’t you feel comfortable with where you are now? 

The problem, I think, is our culture is one of instant gratification. 

You can be anything you want to be on Facebook and Instagram.

Your friends and contacts can look at your photos and videos and see the lifestyle you want them to see through the filter you give them. 

And from that, you take the gratification from likes and comments about your post. 

But is that the life you really wanted to live? Or are you giving pieces and parts you want everyone to believe are real? 

Now, the big question…

If you aren’t being honest about yourself, how are you going to
honestly help anyone else? 

The heart of sales copy is raw emotion. 

When you can’t be honest with yourself about your own life, it’s going to become impossible to think of ways to help others with their problems. 

Now, many come back to me and say, well yeah, it’s easier to help someone else because I can take the emotion out of it. 


Copywriting is just a job. It has nothing to do with my personal life. 


You know why people talk about work/life balance? 

It’s because one of those two sides isn’t balanced and they don’t want it to be fixed. So you justify it by saying you have to put more time into one or the other. 

That’s not true. 

  • I am a husband 
  • A father
  • A brother
  • A son
  • A business owner
  • A writer 
  • A Christian 
  • A pain in the ass 

All day, everyday. 

It’s not work/life balance for me…

It’s just life. 

The copy I write comes from putting myself in the shoes of others and empathizing with their situation. 

And I can only do that because I know who I am and I am very happy with who I am

Do I want to improve?


Have I messed up in my life? 

More than I care to admit to. 

But those are parts of my story and I own them because they made me who I am and brought me to where I need to be.

So often we look at our worst moments in isolation and see how low we sank. But we ignore how we rebounded from those times. 

Or you forget the strength challenges gave you along your path. 

Own your story and see how your writing, your life, and your career will grow. Not everyday is going to be sunny. And your path probably had a few bumps along it. 

But you’re still here and overcame it all. 

Be honest about who you are. Don’t worry about what others think or say. You can’t control them, nor should you ever try. 

Own who you are and where you’ve been - the good and the bad. 

When you can come from a place of honest, raw emotion, your copy and your life will improve and be a powerful catalyst for others.

Find Brutal Honesty About Who You Are And Who You Are Not
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Find Brutal Honesty About Who You Are And Who You Are Not
When you can’t be honest with yourself about your own life, it’s going to become impossible to think of ways to help others with their problems.
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Learn To Copywrite
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