March 25


The Complete Guide To Running A Sales Call [2021 Edition]

By ejspaulding

March 25, 2021

Step 6. Build Credibility Via Case Study Or Consultation

If I’m looking to hire a service and I’m on a call with you, whether I realize it or not, I’m trying to answer two questions.

  1. Is your service a good fit for my specific needs?
  2. Are YOU specifically the right choice to execute that service and get the results I want?

Every prospect you’ll ever hop on a call with will be trying to answer some version of these two questions as well.

Up to this point in your call, you’ve covered everything needed to answer Question #1 effectively.

You’ve asked questions that encouraged your prospect to explain their specific situation in detail, and then you’ve explained to them how your service will solve their unique needs.

Now, the only question remaining is whether YOU are someone they can trust to execute the plan and get them the results they need.

How can you convince them that YOU are the right choice?

There are a few factors that can move the needle in your favor:

  1. Are you confident?
  2. Are you likable?
  3. Have you been clear and specific with your solution?
  4. Can you show successful results from similar projects?
  5. Have you even just worked on similar projects or with similar businesses?
  6. Can you provide insights on the call that demonstrate your value?

I’ve ranked these in the order that I feel is most impactful over a large number of calls, but keep in mind that each prospect will value these differently.

For example, some prospects will respond to confidence and likability without really needing to see anything else, while others will only care about data and couldn’t care less about your vibe.

Most prospects fall somewhere in the middle.

I’m going to categorize these factors into three different buckets for the purpose of our discussion:

  1. Presence and delivery
  2. Relevant experience
  3. Live consultation

The sense of presence that you bring to the call has a huge impact on ever aspect of the call. That’s why I consider it to be the most important.

Are you confident? Do you build rapport with your energy, conversation, and recall? Are you really clear and comfortable in your delivery?

These things are very hard to fake.

That’s why we haven’t really focused on them in this guide.

If you are a naturally confident person, this will come easy. If you aren’t a naturally confident person, you will have to build what I call “situational confidence” around selling your services.

We all have that one friend who is normally a wallflower but morphs into an extrovert when a topic they are passionate about comes up. They feel unusually confident within the context of that conversation, because they understand it very well and have invested a lot of time into activities and study surrounding that topic.

That’s situational confidence, and you can develop on your sales calls by — it’s really simple — doing a LOT of sales calls.

With enough calls, you will become confident and comfortable.

That doesn’t help you a whole lot RIGHT NOW, but hopefully it encourages you if you aren’t particularly confident on your calls at the moment. It is 100% inevitable that your confidence will grow with time and repetition.

In addition to having confidence, leveraging every bit of relevant experience will help you close more sales.

Did you work on a similar business? Talk about it.

Have you worked in this niche? Emphasize it.

Are you a consumer in this product class? Rave about it.

Do you have a 2nd cousin employed in this industry? You LOVE that cousin.

Being able to show real case studies with similar businesses makes the sale almost guaranteed. And on that note, if you case studies you can show of any sort right now, the easiest way to land more business is to go find looklike prospects and get them on a call.

In most cases, you won’t have this level of proof to highlight, but you CAN find smaller things to emphasize in connecting your experience to the prospect’s brand.

Take full advantage of that in any way you can.

Finally, use the sales call as an opportunity to consult with the client and demonstrate your expertise.

Does the prospect think they need something expensive that they don’t actually need to achieve their goals?

Tell them.

You are basically saying, “Hey guess what, you don’t actually need to pay me that much money to get what you are looking for.”

Now you are both likable AND being viewed as an expert.

Or if they have a plan that IS exactly what they need to succeed, take the opportunity to say, “You’ve clearly done your research, because this is exactly the right plan to get [results they said they wanted]. Usually when I’m on these calls, clients are asking for [alternative plan], and I have to explain why [prospect’s plan] is the better option.”

Now you are both likable AND being viewed as an expert AND the prospect has been given a little ego boost.

This is a really great way to separate your way from the competition and from previous service providers the client has spoken to. Give away as much value and insight as you can on the call, and you have a much stronger chance of closing the sale.

And speaking of closing, let’s talk about how to close strong.


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