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"I've always loved writing and wanted to work for myself. Eric's emails and courses gave me the foundation to start writing for a living. And now I take on the clients I want. 

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What You’ll Get From The Free Optimized Sales Copy System

Kickstart your copywriting.

Learn what words sell and what words will get your reader to swipe left back over to their hookup app.

PLUS: you'll get my copy crushing emails that will cover the best copywriting, marketing, and productivity secrets I've learned and developed from years of hard work, study, and more embarrassingly, failing at over and over again - just so you could learn from my mistakes. 

What You'll Get In The System

There are 3 critical pieces to The Optimized Sales Copy System:

1. The book - it has step-by-step instructions on how to put together your first (or hundredth) sales letter

2. The Checklist - your desk copy of every piece of your sales letter - to help you proof and double check your work. 

3. The Template - a visual template to start laying out your best sales letters from your very first day. 

4. I'm also going to send you my top 6- best converting emails and explain to you why they work so damn well! YES! You can use them too!

What To Do With It

Once you have access to The Optimized Sales Copy, read it, learn it, and give it a test drive. 

Here's what I did - I took 15 of the top Copywriting books and manuals and distilled them down into an easy to follow, bare-bones system that anyone who can put pen to paper can follow to write a Sales Letter that will actually make them money. 

It is really that simple. Follow along, and get started!

What Changes After You Start

Once you have gone through the process, you will be able to start writing your own Sales Letters with a time-tested and proven formula. 

You're also going to be able to find the key components of other sales pages to see what makes them successful. 

About Eric 

Our editor has worked as the lead copywriter for startups, headed up marketing teams and developed 7 figure strategies to develop products and brands, and still had time to get himself married. 

Busy Guy. 

The courses he has created walk copywriters and marketers step-by-step through the subject matter in a way that is easy to understand and even easier to translate into your own work. He will be your personal coach to your copywriting success. 

Why They Recommend Joining The Learn To Copywrite Email

ReBekah H.


I didn't have a clue how to write a sales letter. And I didn't have the money to spend to hire a copywriter. I was able to get my first sales page up in less than a day after joining Learn To Copywrite.



Your course was clear cut, easy to follow and a lot of fun. If you want a practical way to learn how to write to sell, checkout the copywriting course. And I love your emails.

Jessica G.


Eric helped me get my business online and showed me how to write to get customers from leads. He's a great mentor and a wonderful person. 

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