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Optimized Sales Copy


Get The Most Out of Your Sales Copy

Here’s what you’ll get out of Optimized Sales Copy

  • Learn how to generate subject lines that will get people to click and read
  • Build sales pages from scratch using copywriting techniques that will keep your reader hanging onto every word
  • Design captivating Call To Actions based on human psychology and easy to implement ‘brain hacks’
  • Create Email Campaigns your customers will look forward to reading and want to share

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The Process developed in this book can be applied to sales copy, regardless of platform or medium. It works by exploiting human psychology and ‘brain hacks’ to guide prospects into becoming active customers time and time again. The concepts are framed through the practice of storytelling and applying well known structures and formulas into sales copy to convert sales.

These same principles are the same ones applied in the largest Fortune 500 companies as well as the most aggressive Start-ups around the world. The principles are broken down into simple to understand, easy to read, ready to deploy sections that will get you writing amazing sales copy.

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