Did you know you can get private, 1-on-1 training on your copy skills in the privacy of your own home? Or in Starbucks, the park, really, wherever you want - because they are virtual! 

Using either Zoom or Google Hangouts, you can get 1-on-1 training on specific copywriting skills that you want. This is the most custom built curriculum that you can get because each session is built specifically for you. But it's not just coaching:

  • Looking for 1-on1 Coaching? 
  • Need some private sessions on specific Copy questions? 
  • Do you or your team need consulting on your campaigns?
  • Are you looking to have copy or even your entire campaign created for you? (coming soon

Each session block gets you an hour of uninterrupted, 1-on-1 work with Eric. We will work together to get you to your goals.